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Miss Jessica

Jessica Warwick:
Owner & Artistic Director

Created Brooklyn Dance Academy in August 2015

​Jessica grew up dancing the majority of her life; receiving ballet, jazz, and tap training at Kane Dance Academy from 8 -17 years old...and diving into years of Lyrical and Contemporary training from 18 years and on.  In high school, she performed and competed with Centennial High School's dance team (Song squad) and trained several hours a week under the amazing talent of some of the best choreographers, including many from the well-known NCA DANCE.  In addition to dancing at varsity football and basketball games and halftime shows, attending dance camps, and training hours worth of classes, Jessica placed in several competitions and won countless awards both with her team and many for her individual work.  She traveled all over to compete with her dance squad, including National Competitions spanning from Anaheim to Texas for NCA.  Jessica was also very active with Musical Theater and was selected to play leading roles on stage in Musicals, including playing the Tap-Dancing & Singing lead actress of "Bonnie" in their rendition of the Tony Award Winning Musical "Anything Goes".  She also traveled and sang competitively with Centennial High School's Madrigal Choir, which allowed her to travel across the country to our Nation's Capital of Washington D.C. to perform.  Whether dancing at Disneyland, competing with her dance team, acting on stage, or singing at the White House....performing is where Jessica has always felt her heart belonged.​Immediately after high school, Jessica went to The University of California, Riverside - where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a concentrated Minor in Law.  During her four years there, Jessica continued to dance with UCR's revered dance department with strong lyrical and modern dance training under the direction of renowned director Wendy Rogers, and invited to be a part of their performance team.  After getting her Bachelor's Degree, she moved on to get her teaching credential followed by a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  Teaching elementary school since she was 23 years old, she also volunteered after school to teach students at her school how to dance, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn the art.  ​Growing up in a family of successful business owners, Jessica had the vision and experience to open her own dance studio to provide children with an opportunity to explore the wonderful world of performing arts.  When she and her husband Josh saw the need of a quality dance studio to cater to the areas of Temescal Valley and Corona, they jumped at the opportunity to fulfill this dream.  With her highly qualified education and experience with children, mixed with her training and passion for dance & blended with her strong family business ethic, she created an atmosphere that resembles a motto she likes to live by: Live...Laugh...Love....DANCE!  "I feel beyond blessed and I'm incredibly thrilled to have this opportunity to combine my strengths, education, and passion for dance to help guide Brooklyn Dance Academy to the top!" Without further ado, let us introduce you to our amazing, professional, and award winning dance instructors":


Miss Felicity

Since 2016
Competition Coach
Specializing in:
Musical Theater


Meet Felicity, a seasoned performer with a lifelong commitment to the arts, beginning her journey at the age of 4. With a stong foundation in dance, singing, and acting, Felicity embarked on her training at De-An's Jump Dance & Performing Arts Center, where she immersed herself in various styles including ballet, lyrical/contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and musical theater for over a decade. Recognized for her talent and dedication, Felicity graced the stage in leading roles such as Gerta in "Snow Queen," the White Rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland," and Little Red Riding Hood in "Into the Woods" in the renowned productions at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium.


Venturing into the competitive realm of the entertainment industry, Felicity journeyed to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in commercials, television series, and Disney animations. Securing representation with Abrams and DDO Artists Agencies, she showcased her versatility as a performer in diverse projects including the 'Just Dance 2: Kids' video game, a Disney Parks Family commercial, and as a Season 1 competitor on NBC's "World of Dance" Competition.


During her tenure at Santiago High School, Felicity distinguished herself as a member and Co-Captain of the competitive Varsity Dance Team. Under her leadership, the team achieved numerous accolades including multiple CADTD State Championships and a USA National Championship. Felicity's outstanding contributions earned her recognition from USA Dance, leading to an invitation to join the instructional dance staff in London. Felicity maintained her training at Millennium Dance Complex LA and OC during her college years, refining her skills and working closely under the mentorship of renowned choreographers such as Erica Klein, Yanis Marshall, Dexter Carr, and more. Her experiences enriched her understanding of choreography, audition techniques, and networking within the dance industry.


Currently, in her eighth year of teaching and coaching at BDA, Felicity shares her expertise with both recreational and competitive dancers, specializing in coaching the intermediate and elite members of the studio's Competition Team. Complementing her dance proficiency, Felicity holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Driven by her passion for dance and bolstered by her background in psychology, she is dedicated to nurturing talent and empowering young minds. Utilizing her understanding of human behavior and motivation, she skillfully guides dancers through self-esteem challenges with her insightful pep talks and unwavering encouragement. By establishing deep connections with each dancer, she tailors her support to meet their individual needs, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Beyond refining technical skills, her approach emphasizes the cultivation of self-belief, instilling in her dancers a sense of confidence and resilience. Through her ability to forge meaningful connections and inspire growth, Miss Felicity plays an integral role in helping dancers uncover and embrace their full potential within the BDA community.


Miss Ashley

Since 2016
Competition Coach

Specializing in:

Ashley's involvement in dance began early in her life, leading to a series of notable accomplishments. Starting competitive dancing at the age of 10, she quickly established herself as a standout performer. During her time at Temescal Canyon High School, Ashley further honed her skills as a member of the varsity dance team, consistently achieving first-place honors.


Throughout her eight-year tenure at Brooklyn Dance Academy, Ashley has demonstrated a strong commitment to both dance instruction and mentorship. Focused on students aged 6 to 18, she specializes in lyrical and jazz choreography, guiding her students to numerous successes throughout the years. Alongside her role at BDA, Ashley draws upon her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from GCU to educate kindergarten students during the day, expanding her influence beyond the dance studio.


As Miss Ashley continues to inspire and mold the next generation of dancers and learners, she remains a revered presence within the Brooklyn Dance Academy community, exemplifying dedication, excellence, and a genuine spirit of kindness and compassion. Her unwavering commitment to nurturing her students' growth is evident in the unique bonds she cultivates with each child and family, ensuring she meets their individual needs to facilitate their development.


Miss Ashley takes pride in the relationships she forges with her dancers and their families, recognizing the importance of understanding and supporting each individual to facilitate their progress. Through her talent and nurturing demeanor, she instills in her dancers a sense of hard work and confidence, empowering them to realize their full potential. Within the BDA family, Miss Ashley is regarded as a true gift, and her impact extends far beyond the studio walls. With every heart and mind she touches, she leaves a lasting impression, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she teaches and inspires.

Mr. Johnny

Since 2015
Specializing in:
Advanced Hip Hop

Breakdance techniques

Mr. Johnny Dunn has been with Brooklyn Dance Academy since the beginning in 2015.  Under his direction, our dancers build confidence and skills to build on their tumbling tricks that help them in dance genres across the board.  


Johnny grew up in the bay area and always loved to dance.  Inspired by Michael Jackson, Johnny taught himself to dance while dancing in front of his mirror for hours on end.  After graduating college, studying Computer Graphics and Web design, Johnny knew he needed to pursue his passion.  In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles to make his dream come true.  He worked hard and made his vision a reality.  With a skilled background in tumbling and Hip Hop, Mr. Johnny continues to bring energy and support to all of his dancers here at B.D.A. 


Johnny's latest work, includes choreographing for Bruno Mars for his series of concerts in Las Vegas in 2018.   You can also soon catch him on a new upcoming show on the BET Network that follows choreographers and dancers all over the United States.  Not to stop there, Johnny has also taught for the renowned Miss. Debbie Allen and taught dance workshops along side tap dance and choreographer Jason Samuels Smith.  In 2005, Johnny toured with M.C. Hammer as a lead backup dancer and performed on the MTV Music awards.  He has also choreographed a music video for Universal Records recording artist "Cash" as well as working with the legendary disco artist Cheryl Lynn.  


Today Mr. Johnny continues to be a leading B.D.A. Hip Hop and Tumbling Instructors - with classes offered for just teens, just boys.  break dancing, pop-n-locking, and tumbling.  Mr. Johnny is very blessed to have accomplished what he has in his life, and can never forget that the gifts and talents that come from his Lord Jesus Christ.  He will inspire our dancers to never give up on their dreams and to follow their hearts and passion for dance.  



Mr. Richard

Competition Coach
Specializing in:
Hip Hop 
Since 2019

Richard Clark has danced for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a musically inclined family and being surrounded by Hip Hop 24/7, Richard developed a strong passion for dance early on. At the age of 12, Richard began training at local dance studios and workshops in Southern California. Around this time he was also able to have a few TV appearances in Dreamwork's Dream Girls and CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; but it was dance that continued to call his name.


Richard found much happiness in all styles associated with hip hop which led him to join the Varsity Hip Hop Team at Santiago high School. The team was always a hit at half-time shows, rallies, and competitions.  Since 2021, Richard has been our head Hip Hop Competition Coach, bringing our teams and the style of hip hop to the leaderboard in the competition dance world.  In the spring of 2024, Richard also began dancing professionally for the WNBA L.A. Spark's basketball team, which provides him the opportunity to do what he loves even more.  


Richard is a graduate from the University of California, Riverside and holds a BA in Dance Studies and Choreography with his concentration in the style of Hip Hop and West African Dance.  Richard had some of his best times during his undergrad at UCR and will hold the knowledge that he learned in a special place. In addition to coaching at BDA and dancing on the sidelines for LA Sparks, he enjoys honing in on his skills at dance venues Playground LA and Millennium Dance Complex OC whenever he gets the chance.  Richard is proud to be a member of the BDA family for the last 5 years and can't wait to bust a move with whoever comes his way.  We're lucky to have him on our team. 


Miss Sarah

Competition Coach

Specializing in:
Improv & Contemporary


Sarah Christensen has been performing for as long as she can remember. Since she was little, her and her two older sisters participated in many activities such as dance, musical theater, choir, and other performing arts and sports. Sarah first discovered her love for dance, not in a dance class, but alone in her room, living room, and at the school playground. Sarah would find different ways to practice dance until she finally attended her first studio when she was 11 years old.  In the studio, Sarah studied ballet and tap at Kane Dance Academy. 


When Sarah was 13 she had the exciting opportunity to attend an arts school where she trained in circus arts, dance, and many other artistic subjects. This opened an entirely new world for Sarah where she was able to explore the art of Cirque Du Soleil and its many fascinating attributions. During this time, Sarah continued to participate in musicals and take on lead roles such as Mary Lennox in Secret Garden and Minnie Fay in Hello Dolly, as well as dancing roles in other productions.


Sarah was the captain of her high school dance team her senior year and started her first job teaching gymnastics when she was just 16 years old and has been teaching dance and acrobatics ever since. Sarah's talents also has working as a Princess Impersonator on the weekends, where her frequent roles include Cinderella, Anna, and Alice. Sarah’s favorite styles of dance include contemporary and acrobatics, but she is well rounded at teaching across most genres.  Her favorite aspect of teaching is getting to know each student individually and helping them enrich their talents. 

Sarah is currently a student at California Baptist University pursuing her degree in English, with aspirations to one day teach English abroad in countries like Japan, South Korea, and many more. Sarah is delighted to be sharing her love and knowledge of dance with the dancers and staff at Brooklyn Dance Academy for over two years now and looks forward to many more years to come.


Miss Bonnie

Specializing in:
Advanced Ballet

Starting her Ballet training at age four, Bonnie attended the Academie De Ballet in Chesapeake, Virginia. She performed in various plays including Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol with The Patchwork Players Children’s Theater in Virginia Beach. At age twelve, Bonnie moved to California where she continued her training in dance, voice, and acting.

In 2007, as a senior in high school, Bonnie competed in AG Fine Arts Festival in California, and then moved on to compete in AG Fine Arts Festival Nationals in Indiana, receiving a superior ranking for female vocal solo and human video solo.

After graduating high school, Bonnie ran a ballet studio through her church where girls ages 4-12 attended classes. After attending California Ballet’s Advanced Summer Workshop in 2009, Bonnie began training with the California Ballet School. She worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for the former Prima Ballerina Denise Dabrowski, Faculty Principal Maxine Mahon, and Program Director Clarissa Palhegyi in levels I through IV to further her knowledge of teaching dance. As a teacher at California Ballet Company, Bonnie taught Tiny Tots, levels A through D, Ballet I and II, and Adult Ballet. She has worked and volunteered for studios and churches in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

Her Performance repertoire among other various productions includes The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and The Nutcracker.


Certificated through the American Ballet Theater as an instructor, Bonnie has been studying ballet for over 25 years and teaching for nearly 15 years. Although has experience teaching ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, lyrical, tap, conditioning, and musical theatre - her true passion and expertise has her our head Ballet Instructor at Brooklyn Dance Academy.  




Miss Kasey

Competition Coach

Specializing in:
Musical Theater


Miss Kasey began her dance journey at the age of 3, embarking on competitive dancing at Kristi’s Forever Dancin’ in Riverside by the age of 9. Remaining with KFD throughout her high school years, she refined her technique through numerous jazz and lyrical classes, earning multiple regional and national titles.


During her high school years, Kasey demonstrated her leadership as a co-captain on the Santiago Varsity Dance Team, contributing to numerous regional and State championships. Transitioning to college, she pursued her passion at Fullerton College, where she spent two years as a member of their dance team, celebrating consecutive national championships in support of the esteemed football squad. Additionally, she represented her college at the NDA college nationals in Daytona Beach, FL, securing 2nd place in the junior college division.


For three years, Kasey served as the Varsity Song coach at Centennial High School, guiding her team to remarkable success, including the school's inaugural USA National title. Under her guidance, they also secured three State Championship titles and two National titles in the Varsity Pom category.


Today, Miss Kasey continues her devotion to dance at BDA, where she shares her knowledge and passion to aspiring athletes. She eagerly anticipates fostering meaningful connections with everyone at the studio as she nurtures a love for dance in the next generation.

Kari 1.jpeg

Miss Kari

Competition Coach

Star Babies and Combo

Specializing in Tap


Miss Kari started dancing at the age of 3 and her passion for the performing arts has only grown stronger over the years. She has a technical background in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop—with tap being her favorite and most specialized style!


At the age of 13, Kari pursued dancing competitively, earning multiple high scoring awards. During her high school years, she branched out and became heavily involved in the hip hop community, competing and excelling with Nu Era Dance Team. She also danced on the Kennedy Dance Team and continued her training at reputable dance studios such as BoogieZone Utopia and IDA Hollywood.


Kari discovered her love for teaching at the age of 18 and has been teaching ever since!  Parents and students adore her and her way to connect with her students on a great level.  Miss Kari specializes in teaching all age groups and loves creating a warm and welcoming environment for all of her students. Her natural ability to connect with the tiniest of dancers is nothing short of a Disney Princess.  (We sometimes wonder if she maybe lives in the Castle when not at Brooklyn Dance Academy).  She focuses on providing a structured learning environment as well as inspiring her students to achieve their goals....and all of her students do!


Miss Kari is currently on her sixth year of teaching at Brooklyn Dance Academy and continues to foster her dance education at Millennium Dance Complex when she finds time in her busy schedule of work and school.  Miss Kari loves sharing her dance knowledge, education and talents to the dancers of our Brooklyn Dance Academy Family. 

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